Service, reputation, longevity and above all, integrity are the key elements we take pride in at Ferris Services. We continue to learn daily to maintain our excellent track record of over 25 years in the IT field alone. This is proof in itself Ferris Services is the right choice for you. We can offer references simply by asking for them.

 Just a few things we have done...

Ferris Services, started in 1994 as a local web site developing and PC repair company out of Arroyo Grande, CA. This business has been in continuous operation ever since.

Surfari Internet Provider Services, Arroyo Grande, CA. Along with two other partners we started a full service local internet access service. The business began with 24 phone lines and 24 - 28.8k Zoom Modems ( remember these?) We soon outgrew these and added 24 more phone lines and upgraded all the modems to the then "high speed" 56k standard. We offered all the features a local provider used to, friendly tech support, web hosting, web design, graphic design, programming, special account setups including business email handling, the works. We eventually added DSL services to our line in 1998. We sold Surfari.Net to another local provider called TCSN.Net - to this day they still maintain ownership of Surfari.Net.

Telecom Systems specialty systems for telemarketing. I designed and setup a complete call center automated with a Linux server and 8 PC's running Windows XP. This company received and made over 1500 calls a day. All aspects of logging calls and recording systems were performed. Also implemented a security camera system to maintain control of the call center.

Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association: Literally took this small town organization out of the dark ages. Installed two Windows servers and 40 PC's, all networked back to the the servers. Maintained and installed all software on all systems which included two remote locations tied into the main network. Managed three routers and several switches. Developed and maintained the company's website, - controlled email for business purposes for SPAM and UCE. Was the sole IT person at this facility for 3 years.

Below are just a few of the websites I've done, *Most* are my original design.  The sites in the top list are a few currently maintained by Ferris Services. The sites in the secondary list are maintained by someone else or have been forgotten like some sites are :-)

Carole Swanston, Realtor
PMCCPOA.Com Pine Mountain Club Commercial Property Owners Association

Older Sites - Not Managed Any Longer...

PMCPOA - AllanRealEstate.Com   DayLilyWest.Com   Patrices.Net    FatCatsCafe.Com   WaterGear.Com    NipomoChamber.Org   ArroyoGrandeCC.Com   PismoCoastRealtors.Com 

We offer hundreds of spectacular designs - Don't hesitate to call us today and discuss your particular business needs.

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